Should you acquire a company to accelerate growth?

"Acquiring a service you want to offer helps your company leapfrog years of trial and error." – Sam Shepler, Founder of Testimonial Hero

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I welcome back Sam Shepler, Founder of Testimonial Hero, a global video testimonial company that helps B2B SaaS companies close more deals through customer stories. 

After a quick recap on what Testimonial Hero does (listen to episode 55 for part one), we get into the topic of acquisitions. Testimonial Hero recently acquired a company named Case Study Buddy that, just as the name suggests, provides written customer content like case studies. 

Sam’s clients kept asking for case studies and written content as a service, and the fastest path to offering that at the level of quality Testimonial Hero’s clients expected was to acquire a shop that already knew the ropes. 

Beyond the acquisition, we also cover topics like productizing services, sales processes, and leadership lessons.

We discuss:

  • Testimonial Hero’s latest acquisition of Case Study Buddy.

  • The evolution from video-only to various forms of customer content.

  • The various types of customer content Testimonial Hero offers.

  • Agency sales challenges and how to navigate them.

Actionable key takeaways for agency founders:

  • Customer testimonials accelerate sales cycles because they build trust.

  • Challenge your preconceived notions as a leader so as not to miss out on business opportunities.

  • Successful M&A calls for the right timing, alignment, and mutual respect, so start building relationships early on.

  • For mentorship, seek out advice from people at a level you want to reach next, people who are several years but not decades ahead of you.

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