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What you have done for us has been truly transformative. You literally helped us create our company's new identity!! And, you educated me on the sales model that provided the spark for me building this new world-class team. THANK YOU for that and so much more.

Bill Hauser

Hi, I’m Corey Quinn, and I’ve spent 15+ years in marketing and sales leadership roles at widely respected digital agencies.

Most recently, I was Chief Marketing Officer of an agency I helped scale from $20 million to $150 million in seven years. This was a very different experience because, out of all the agencies I’d worked at, it was the only one that did not rely on founder-led sales 🤯!

We even had a 93% retention rate, despite the Founder being hands-off.

So, what was our secret sauce 🌶️?

While we certainly did many things right, I believe the “main domino” that made it all work was something I’ve come to refer to as Deep Specialization.

Unlike the vague advice to “niche down,” Deep Specialization is a highly strategic, methodical process — one which I’ve spent years codifying — that transforms agencies from Founder-led to Business-led.

Here are just a few examples of how a Deeply Specialized agency thinks and acts:

They join the same associations as their target market
They speak on the stages at their conferences
They establish their own unique “point of view” that helps them genuinely connect with clients
They leverage extensive vertical expertise to easily initiate new client relationships
They use ROI+ outbound strategies to accelerate growth

Once you embark on this eye-opening 👀 journey, every aspect of your agency begins to work better… and with less effort.

Just imagine what it would be like if your sales, marketing, advertising, networking, staffing systems ✨ everything! ✨ suddenly became simpler, clearer, and more effective…

It may seem like a dream 😇, yet that’s exactly what it’s like for agencies with Deep Specialization.

They stand head and shoulders above “niched” agencies in their industry

🙋🏾‍♂️Happier, more motivated employees
🏋🏼A more confident sales team
😊A greater sense of satisfaction from your business
🚅Less friction in the buying process
💡The ability to solve more profound problems for clients

Doesn’t that sound amazing? The holy grail 🏆 of digital agencies, right?

And yet… it is well within your reach, once you know how to do it.

I say that with confidence because I’ve personally helped many agency owners achieve it. Additionally, I’ve interviewed many more who’ve done it on my podcast.

So, what’s the next step?

Fair warning ⚠️: it’s not as easy as just saying, “We specialize in ______!”

In fact, the marketplace is littered with mediocre agencies trying to cut corners with tactics like that.

But the fact that you’re here tells me you don’t want to be one of “those” agencies…

You want to be the leader in your own vertical market 📈 — and you’re willing to do what it takes to make it happen.

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