Positioning a Specialized Agency For Scale

"We went from generalist agency to performance marketing for franchises and renovations."  – Marty Menard, President of Giant Creative.

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This week, I welcome Marty Menard to the Deep Specialization podcast to share his journey into specialization. He is President and Chief Business Development Officer of Giant Creative, a data-driven performance marketing agency.  

Marty shares Giant Creative's early days as a generalist agency, how they realized the benefits of specializing in performance marketing for franchise lead generation and home renovation and the success that followed. Most importantly, we dive into the notion of finding scalable success, how to do it, and what it means for growth.

We cover:

  • Marty’s founder journey and the first five years of the agency.
  • Consumer insights and building around personas.
  • Rinse and repeat service models for a scalable niche.
  • Positioning a specialized agency and how to scale it.

Actionable key takeaways for agency founders:

  • Be careful of the scalability of new service lines; they might end up eating your margins.
  • Invest in discovery when going after a new vertical, and ask if you can sell the same service over and over.
  • Once your niche is clear, you need to tackle agency positioning to attract the right crowd.
  • Utilization is important, but you don’t want to burn your best people out, protect them.

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