[Podcast] What a Profitable Agency Is Made Of

"The higher that gross margin is, the more optionality you have to make deliberate decisions about your agency."  – Marcel Petitpas, Co-Founder & CEO of Parakeeto

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Agency founders are often incredible visionaries when it comes to their craft, but financials are rarely something they enjoy.  Between billable hours, shifting client scopes, clients scaling up or down, time-tracking, and pass-through costs, it’s no easy feat, either.

Marcel Petitpas, agency financials guru (and Co-founder of Parakeeto), joins the Deep Specialization podcast to break down the ABCs of agency profitability. 

We cover:

  • Typical financial and growth challenges agency owners face and how to solve them.
  • Why agency founders feel like there’s no profit even if they’re busier than ever.
  • Using data and metrics as a guide to answer the important questions as a founder.

Actionable key takeaways for agency founders:

  • You need a tighter feedback loop on company financials so you can correct them quickly.
  • Even custom in-house financial tools can end up costing agencies six figures to maintain; be careful of hidden costs.
  • When you control your profitability, you can become a lot more deliberate about growing your agency.
  • Why productizing services is good for the financial health of an agency.

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