[Podcast] Going National, Staying Boutique

"Do not edit your dreams. Think big, go big, and big things will happen."  – Susan Quinn, President and CEO of Circle C Studio

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Susan is the President and CEO of Circle S Studio, an experience agency specializing in B2B and professional services.

We sit down to discuss everything from agency marketing tactics to conference approaches, attracting the right clients through content, and leading with purpose.

We cover in this episode:

  • Susan’s impressive career spanning four decades.
  • Creating frameworks around brand and customer experience.
  • Finding the growth path and how Agency Management Institute helped.
  • The invaluable lessons and tips Susan has learned along the journey.

Actionable key takeaways for agency founders:

  • Examine what part of your efforts is actually bringing in revenue, and double down on that.
  • Find an ecosystem of partners who think differently, helping you find ways to operate better.
  • You can diversify your client base while still remaining specialized to mitigate market risks.
  • When it comes to marketing the agency, speaking and original research have been the cornerstones of Susan’s success. 

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