Anyone, Not Everyone, Chapter 14: Vertical Outbound Sales and Marketing Strategies

Episode: 14

Chapter Fourteen of Anyone, Not Everyone highlights the power of vertical outbound sales and marketing strategies, stressing the importance of proactively reaching out to potential clients within a targeted vertical market.

It introduces the concept of the Zone of Indifference, where the majority of clients are neither actively seeking nor strongly opposed to new services, and emphasizes the necessity of targeted, personalized outreach, using unique and memorable gifts (USI gifts) to make a warm and lasting impression. The chapter also notes common outbound mistakes and provides practical steps for effective outbound campaigns.

Reminder that this is a chapter in Corey Quinn’s book, Anyone, Not Everyone. Over the next few weeks, we'll be releasing a few chapters at a time so that you can escape founder-led sales. If you want to read or listen to the entire book today, then visit and pick up a copy.