Scaling Sales with The Law of Attraction w/ Justin Michael

“I built out a cold outreach methodology around heuristics, which is a series of pattern interrupts, or shortcuts.” Justin Michael, Co-Founder of Hard Skill Exchange

Ready for a different perspective on sales outreach? 

This week’s guest is an executive sales coach who has helped over 200 startups make over their outbound efforts by leaning into the unexpected.

Justin Michael is a best-selling author of the book “Sales Superpowers” and the Co-Founder of Hard Skill Exchange, the world’s first real-time 1:1 skill-building marketplace. 

After spending some 20,000 hours (his words, not ours!) on cold calls, he started mapping out what it took to get to predictable outcomes and what made prospects open to the pitch. And so, Justin’s bespoke methodologies were born.

If you’re currently in an agency sales role, this episode is a goldmine for you. While some advice may feel counter-intuitive, like doing unscalable work, such as relationship-building to scale your agency, Justin’s tried and tested strategies render results in the long-term.

Justin and Corey get into topics like cold outreach, building relationships with prospects, Justin’s newest book, and tapping into disruptive thinking like combining sales with the law of attraction. 


Here’s what we cover in this episode:

- Catching prospects’ attention and why doing the wrong thing, like grammatical errors in sales emails, can be effective.

- How to approach cold prospects in a manner that doesn’t repel them.

- Unconventional ways of getting in front of your target accounts.

- Scaling sales with the law of attraction, and the most ‘controversial book written in B2B.’


Here are some actionable key takeaways for agency founders:

- Try to pattern interrupt when doing outreach, for example, humans respond much better to visual information.

- Opening lateral conversations that mimic a real-life interaction helps disarm prospects.

- Take two or three discovery calls before you try to pitch.


The resources mentioned in this episode are:

- Connect with Justin on LinkedIn Here
- Check out Hard Skill Exchange Here

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