Agency Growth Takes Blood, Sweat & Tears w/ Nora and Eric

"The two challenges that we see with most agencies are that they don't have a clear growth strategy nor the resources to execute it. – Eric Brown, Co-Founder at Blood Sweat & Tears

Most agencies initially grow through founder-led sales and tapping into leads in your network, but what is the next step? Where do agencies typically get stuck and how can they break through?

There are no better people to answer these questions than today’s guests Nora DiNuzzo and Eric Brown, Co-Founders of the agency growth consultancy Blood Sweat & Tears. Between the two, Nora and Eric have decades of experience in agency business development as well as in-house growth roles. Now, they run a successful shop helping agency leaders set and implement growth strategies.

Nora and Eric join the show to discuss their approach to agency growth, and how all agency leaders should set foundational growth strategies to inform their tactics. Perhaps counterintuitively, boiling down growth is much less about your lead generation approach and more about who you are as an agency, how you show up, and whether your audience perceives you to be an authentic player in the space.

But how do you actually take what you learn from theory into practice? Listen in to learn just how. 

Here’s what we cover in this episode:

  • The Blood Sweat & Tears approach to agency growth.
  • Hair-on-fire growth challenges agencies face.
  • The surprising thing weighing down agencies. Hint: It’s not the clients!
  • How your brand and persona comes into play when driving growth.

Here are some actionable key takeaways for agency founders:

  • Selling to your network will dry out eventually, you need a growth strategy for the next phase.
  • Foundational strategies always triumph over tactical growth initiatives.
  • When you’ve figured out who you are, growth becomes natural.
  • Get outside perspective when you’re stuck on growth.

The resources mentioned in this episode are:

  • Connect with Nora on Linkedin Here
  • Connect with Eric on Linkedin Here
  • Check out Blood Sweat & Tears Here

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