Specialization & Productized Services to Unlock Growth w/ Greg Hickman

"What most people are trying to talk about when they talk about scale, but that's really leverage."
– Greg Hickman, Founder of AltAgency

Leverage is everything when it comes to growing a successful agency or service offering. And that’s exactly what today’s guest helps develop for his clients: Leverage to grow and develop their business to the level and direction they want to go.

This week, welcome Greg Hickman on the show. He is an industry veteran and Founder of AltAgency, a consultancy that helps agencies, service providers, and freelancers drive growth without sacrificing their nights and weekends by packaging their expertise, installing systems for growth, and leveraging automation to save time.

Greg is all about setting up systems, defining your core customer base, and productizing your offering to enable repeatable growth. What’s more, he’s throwing in a hot take or two on services (But you’ll have to listen in to learn more!).

In this episode, Greg sits down with Corey to share his philosophy to helping agency owners, breaking down the common pitfalls and challenges riddling business owners and independent consultants alike.

Here’s what we cover:

- The evolution of Greg’s company, his founder journey, and how the offering has shifted over time.

- The concept of affinity in verticalized businesses and why specialization wins.

- Greg’s take on customized offering versus productized services.

- Scaling through monetizing expertise, not just headcount.

Here are some actionable key takeaways for agency founders:

- Scaling isn’t about arriving at a destination, it’s about having a continuum where you have room for growth.

- You need to have affinity with the vertical you’re serving; empathy builds success.

- Starting out, try different things to find your sweet spot, but then narrow it down.

- Productizing services creates efficiencies, and efficiencies grow businesses.

The resources mentioned in this episode are:

- Connect with Greg on Linkedin Here

- Learn more about AltAgency Here


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