The Introduction of Anyone, Not Everyone | Deep Specialization Podcast Bonus Episode

Episode: Introduction  
The Introduction of Anyone, Not Everyone sets the stage by emphasizing the significance of niche marketing for businesses. It explains how focusing on specific audiences rather than a broad market can lead to more meaningful engagement, efficient use of resources, and ultimately, greater success.
Episode: 1  
Chapter One of Anyone, Not Everyone illustrates the pitfalls of generalist agencies that stretch themselves thin by saying yes to too many types of clients, leading to stress and lack of progress toward growth goals. It contrasts this with the benefits of focusing on best-fit clients, who bring profitability, satisfaction, and are a natural fit for the agency's unique strengths, advocating for vertical specialization as the key to standing out and securing sustainable growth in a competitive market. 

Reminder that this is Chapter One in Corey Quinn’s book, Anyone, Not Everyone. Over the next few weeks, we'll be releasing a few chapters at a time so that you can escape founder-led sales.  
If you want to read or listen to the entire book today, then visit and pick up a copy.  

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