Finding Immediate Product-Market Fit w/ Robin Alex

"All 14 of our clients got the product. We got them onboarded and they all loved it and paid a fee to use it, which was incredible." Robin Alex, Founder of HighLevel.

Usually, it takes a long while for a B2B software product to find traction. That wasn’t the case for today’s guest, who by luck and brilliant vision found success from the get-go.

A lifelong entrepreneur, Robin joins The Deep Specialization Podcast to share his founding story, going from building companies in his dorm room to a successful exit. While his early career days were spent working for a few startups, Robin quickly realized that his technical and IT skills could be turned into services, and he started offering advertising and consulting help to small businesses.

What started as a phone call with his soon-to-be co-founders quickly evolved into a product seeing immediate success, and today, HighLevel, a company that empowers businesses to grow their businesses by generating reviews from their customers, managing their listings across 80+ sites on the web.

Robin and Corey discuss how HighLevel skyrocketed to 60,000 customers in just five years. Remarkably, Robin and his co-founders conducted onboarding calls personally well up until the 10K customer milestone, gathering feedback and insights that turned the company into a flywheel of growth, attracting a sizable outside investment in 2021.

Here’s what we cover in this episode:

  • Founding story and selling to an entire room at Mastermind as a launchpad.
  • What an immediate product-market fit looks like.
  • Scaling a company to 60K customers, and bootstrapping much of the success.
  • Taking 60M from a minority investor.

Here are some actionable key takeaways for agency founders:

  • Be nimble with your sales efforts during the early days, and adjust your pitch as you go.
  • Networking through authentically helping others is the best way to build lasting business relationships.
  • Onboarding calls give you valuable insights to better define your ICP, sales process, and product.
  • Convey a culture of service where customers truly feel like they are taken care off, and you’ll win.

The resources mentioned in this episode are:

- Connect with Robin on Linkedin Here
- Check out Robin’s firm HighLevel Here

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