Agency-Building & When Not to Niche Down w/ Damon Burton

"You have to go slow to go fast." Damon Burton, Founder and President of SEO National.

It’s not only a catchy saying, it’s true in many facets of building a verticalized business. And who better to dive into the long-tail of agency building than a founder who’s built a seven-figure business over 17 years? 

Damon joins the show to recount his founding journey from the beginning, which wasn’t devoid of twists, turns, and even FTC raids (although, it wasn’t his business that got raided!). 

What’s unique about Damon’s company today is that it boasts over 80 clients across varied verticals: travel, software, hospitality, medical, professional sports, and more. So it’s not our usual VGTM episode.

But, starting out, it was a gradual growth story. 

Tune in to hear how Damon went from delivering landing page designs to building a fully-bloomed business on the side, and how the company evolved from a one-man show to an agency with solid processes and systems involving a mix of offshoring and local talent.


Here’s what Corey and Damon cover in this episode:

- How Damon built his seven-figure business from a side hustle, and without paid advertising!

- Transitioning from a hands-on leadership role to onboarding a COO.

- The kind of challenges come with different phases of scaling an agency.

- Why Damon did not niche down.

Here are some actionable key takeaways for agency founders:

- Don’t be afraid to walk away from toxic people and situations; values persist, success follows.

- If you haven’t proven your value yet, find business models that are win-wins for both prospects and your bottom line.

- Recognize when it’s time to delegate as a founder so you don’t jeopardize performance.

- Document your company processes from day one to prepare for the day you need to hire more people and onboard them.


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