Vertical Agencies Aren’t Built Overnight w/ Sasha Berson

"Everything gets easier once you're a specialist in a vertical, and profitability follows.” – Sasha Berson

When it comes to niching down, nothing gives you a lesson like learning from failures and mistakes. And oftentimes, the most successful and inspirational agency leaders are the ones who don’t shy away from sharing what they did not get right the first time around. 

Sasha Berson is one of those leaders, and he joins the show for a deeply insightful conversation on what he has learned along his journey. After founding and selling his first venture, a successful brick and mortar business, Sasha found himself gravitating towards marketing, an area he saw most businesses struggle with.

That ultimately drew him to join Comrade Digital, a holding company he helped niche down from originally serving a whopping 54 verticals. Most notably, Sasha built an agency brand to solely serve the legal industry at Comrade Digital: Grow Law Firm. 

If there’s one actionable takeaway from this episode, it’s that there is no get-rich-quick scheme in the world of verticalization. You have to have patience and foresight to bring your vision to life, stay humble, and have the self-awareness to pivot when your bets aren’t paying off.

So buckle up, as Corey and Sasha break down what worked, what didn’t in driving revenue and success for Grow Law Firm. Curious for details? You’ll have to listen to the episode but we’ll give you this; it wasn’t hardcore outbound!

Here’s what Corey and Sasha discuss in this episode:

  • Sasha’s journey in getting into marketing and why he was drawn to it.
  • Founding a verticalized arm serving B2C lawyers within a generalist holding company.
  • Failures and trials in verticalization, and what you can learn from them.
  • What really works in outbound, and why many agencies get it wrong.

Here are some actionable key takeaways for agency founders:

  • Research your niche thoroughly to understand whether the vertical truly holds growth potential.
  • Paid advertising doesn’t necessarily bring you the highest ROI prospects, so focus on content instead.
  • You need a specialized brand to bring specialized clients.
  • The foundation of agency sales is a good sales tech stack, top reps, a superb list, and patience as cycles can take up to three years.

The resources mentioned in this episode are:

  • Connect with Sasha on Linkedin Here
  • Learn more about Grow Law Firm Here

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