Hooking New Roofing Clients w/ Tim Brown

"We're a-get-sh*t-done workhorse agency. We're not sitting around wasting a bunch of their money and time on fluff. – Tim Brown

Today’s guest has a no-frills approach to the agency he’s been building for the past seven years. 

And you know what? It works. 

With 29 employees and on track to driving six million in annual revenue in 2024, Tim Brown’s agency, Hook, is a masterclass in a hyper-verticalized business.

Starting out as more of a generalist, Tim first niched down in 2021 to only serve contractors, moving finally to target only roofers between five and 15 employees. Now that’s not only highly specific, but also a great example of positioning for success.

Outside of verticalization, Tim joins Corey to discuss company leadership, his founder story, thought leadership, and how he is looking to bring back an element of entertainment into content marketing in the roofing niche.

This episode is a must-listen for anyone looking to really hone in on niching down, or if you’re thinking about making the jump to build your own agency full-time.

Here’s what Corey and Tim cover in this episode:

  • What drove Tim to start his own shop.
  • How Tim has grown the agency to an seven figure business with close to a 100 clients.
  • How to snowball verticalized clients.
  • How to differentiate your offering when your buyer isn’t the most knowledgeable of marketing. 

Here are some actionable key takeaways for agency founders:

  • A good time to fully leap into your side hustle is when your side job surpasses your salary.
  • Find mentors and people who can teach you to uplevel your business, whether that’s sales or marketing, or operations.
  • Don’t look at revenue over profit when making verticalization decisions for the long run.
  • Educate your industry not just for leads but to push it forward.

The resources mentioned in this episode are:

  • Connect with Tim on Linkedin Here
  • Learn more about Hook Here

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