EOS and Vertical Specialization w/ Justin Mink

“It was like the universe was telling me what I needed to do was EOS.” Justin Mink, a Certified EOS Implementer

Today’s guest is Justin Mink, a certified Entrepreneurial Operating System Implementer. In a nutshell, The EOS system is a leadership framework businesses lean on to codify their vision, drive team alignment, and meet goals by using a toolbox of processes. 

Justin joins the show to share his fascinating journey into solopreneurship, overcoming health challenges, and how EOS impacts his life in and outside of work. In this episode, you’ll also get a peek inside the early days of his practice, and how Justin leveraged content marketing on LinkedIn to build trust in the sales process.

Justin and Corey discuss the benefits of the system, how Justin built his EOS consultancy around the franchise vertical, and how the practice itself improves his life and relationships outside of the professional world.

Here’s what Corey and Justin cover in this episode:

  • Justin’s journey to becoming an EOS implementer.
  • Overcoming personal challenges as an entrepreneur.
  • Pivoting from a CMO role to franchisee.
  • How Justin scaled his EOS consulting business by focusing on the Franchise vertical.

Here are some actionable key takeaways for agency founders:

  • Use Linkedin thought leadership to build trust.
  • Turn content creation into a morning ritual.
  • If you’re stuck or hitting ceilings, consider EOS to break through.
  • Understand what kind of leader you are to operate at your highest level.

The resources mentioned in this episode are:

  • Connect with Justin on Linkedin Here
  • See Justin’s website Here
  • Learn more about EOS Worldwide Here

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