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Focus Finder + Marketing Strategy

Create Powerful Marketing Your Best-Fit Customers Can’t Ignore

This option unlocks following the completion of your Focus Finder. I will develop a 6-month, vertical-specific marketing strategy that produces a full pipeline of predictable revenue from best-fit clients.

Your marketing strategy is designed to be implemented exclusively by your in-house resources and/or outsourced partners. Chances are there will be some scope in the marketing plan that is outside the current capabilities of the available resources. When that happens, I'll tap my private network of marketing resources to assist with execution. You'll meet and vet them yourself before we work with them, but I'm sure you'll love them. 

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Before we work together, I have to be confident that your problem can be resolved by my program.



The scope of the plan will typically include:

Inbound marketing

  • Content marketing strategy
  • Paid media strategy
  • Social media strategy
  • Messaging, calls to action, and offers

Outbound sales and marketing

  • Target prospect list development
  • Targeted outreach campaigns and sequences
  • Marketing collateral strategy
  • Direct and gift marketing strategy

Relationship marketing

  • Conferences 
  • Associations

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