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Focus Finder

Simplify and Scale With Customers Who Love You

If your marketing is too expensive, churn is too high and you want to focus on your best-fit customer–you’re in the right place.

Clarify and Validate Your Best-Fit Customers

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Before we work together, I have to be confident that your problem can be resolved by my program.


Excellent targeting reduces sales cycles, improves close rates, and minimizes customer churn.

We’ll isolate and clarify your best-fit customer using time-tested and proven quantitative and qualitative processes. Once we’ve narrowed down the options, we’ll validate that the addressable market is large enough and can meet the growth goals you have for the business.

Through this process, your best-fit customer is not only clarified but your decision is backed with data.

Position Your Product So They Get It

Effective positioning eliminates waste and accelerates results from your sales and marketing campaigns.

My positioning process is three steps:

  • Competitor research, including win/loss analysis
  • Customer interviews to directly understand their pains and gains
  • Market research to validate any assumptions

What You'll Have

In addition to peace of mind, you’ll end up with a compelling positioning and messaging framework built specifically for your best-fit buyer that effectively differentiates your product.

What's Next

Once you have completed your Focus Finder, you have the option to work with me on your marketing strategy that results in a full pipeline of best-fit customers. Apply to get started.


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