How to accelerate growth

I recently was a guest on a popular agency podcast hosted by a well-known and respected leader in the space. I'm grateful for the opportunity to give value to his audience. It also resulted in me nearly doubling my email subscribers and created some great opportunities for my business.

Over the last year, I've been on about 20 other podcasts. Yet none of them had the same impact—not even close.

In my book Anyone, Not Everyone, I discuss "Mavens," a term coined by Malcolm Gladwell. These people have outsized social capital, respect, and leverage in a vertical market. Others look to them when deciding who to work with, and every vertical market has them.

This podcast host is a Maven in my world.

If you want to gain leverage in your vertical market, ask yourself: Who are the mavens? How can I build a genuine relationship with them?

Have a great weekend!


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