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A Proven System to Escape Founder-Led Sales

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Anyone, Not Everyone

Are you ready to escape founder-led sales?

Anyone, Not Everyone gives you the 5 steps to transform your agency from a generalist to a vertical market specialist using Deep Specialization. Filled with time-tested exercises and real- world examples, this book offers practical advice on how to:

💡Identify and choose the best vertical
🏆Position your brand to become the vertical's go-to provider
🎯Deploy vertical- specific inbound strategies
💎Launch profitable gift-based outbound marketing campaigns
🤝Build relationships with key influencers in your vertical
🔐Join the right vertical associations to build trust quickly

And much more!


Anyone, Not Everyone gives you the ultimate roadmap to becoming the best loved agency for a focused vertical market. A must read!”

author of Be Your Future Self Now

“The days of the generalist marketing agency are over. If you aren’t positioning yourself as a specialist and tightly defining your niche, you’re doing business in hard mode. This book takes you through the process of deep specialization and will help you generate more revenue, attain greater freedom, and have more fun in the process.”

author of The 1-Page Marketing Plan

“One of the secrets to great positioning is having compelling value aimed at a tightly defined target market. Anyone, Not Everyone is a must-read for agency owners looking to escape the trap of trying to serve a market that is fundamentally too broad.”

positioning expert and author of Obviously Awesome

“When people ask me if I would have done anything differently, I say no except one thing: I would have chosen our niche from day one. We’d be 5x the size we are now. Corey has real-world insights because he’s actually done it.”

CEO of Cardinal Digital

Anyone, Not Everyone is a goldmine of wisdom for agency owners. It’s loaded with powerful, actionable advice and provides a clear blueprint for success through vertical market specialization. A must-read for those ready to take their agency to the next level.”

CEO of iLawyerMarketing

“As someone who has personally worked with over 300 agencies, I can confidently say that agencies who struggle to specialize will struggle to succeed. We’ve heard ‘the riches are in the niches,’ but there hasn’t been a proven agency framework on how to actually carve out that niche—until now. This book should not just be read; it should be studied. Corey is a true practitioner who has actually put this guide to work in the trenches throughout his career and is kind enough to now share it with the rest of us.”

CEO of Apex Revenue

“This book delivers an actionable playbook for agencies to transform themselves, from choosing a vertical market to crafting specialized campaigns, guiding readers to establish their agency as an indispensable pillar within a chosen community.

This book delivers an actionable playbook If I had used this approach with the website development agency I owned and operated for six years, there is no way I wouldn’t have increased my growth multiple times over. Corey has provided a guide that, if followed, could change the entire trajectory of your business. Do yourself a favor and pay attention!”

president of Digital Marketer

Anyone Not Everyone is a must-read for agencies that want to accelerate their growth and improve profitability. As someone who has built a highly specialized firm, I can attest first-hand to the effectiveness of these strategies. If there’s only one book you can read on the subject, it should be this one.”

CEO & Co-Founder, Parakeeto Inc.

“Aim high, dig deep. Go big, think narrow. Corey unravels the specialization paradox, a lesson our agency learned the hard way, over way too many years. After reading Anyone, Not Everyone, you’ll have the boldness to say no thank you to subpar clients, choosing conviction over constant yes-chasing.”

founder and author of GIFT-OLOGY

Anyone, Not Everyone isn’t a book based on theory or opinion. The blueprint Corey lays out here helped us scale Scorpion 8x in five years. More importantly, these principals empowered us to better support thousands of business owners and their employees in our focus verticals. If you want to maximize the value your product or service is capable of delivering to your customers, choose the path of Anyone, Not Everyone, and let this book be your guide. Profitable revenue is sure to follow.”

chief revenue officer at Scorpion

“As an agency owner who struggled for years to extract myself from our sales process, I can tell you that Corey is addressing a critical (and all too common) problem in our industry. His vertical market approach can help you reclaim your time without sacrificing the sales growth that your agency needs to thrive.”

CEO of

“This is one of the most important books I have read in a long time and is a must- read for all agency owners regardless of size. In an incredibly crowded agency world, verticalization is a necessary step to scale, and Corey Quinn’s five step process provides the detailed road map on how to do it. I will absolutely be recommending this book to all of my clients.”

CEO of EngineBI and founder of Rise Interactive

“Corey’s stellar track record has established him as an authority in helping agencies unlock their growth. Had his book and guidance been available during our Fanscape growth journey, it would have been a game-changer. If you’re looking for actionable insights and a strategic edge in your agency’s growth, do yourself a favor and get this book.”

cofounder of Fanscape (sold to Omnicom)

“Corey captures the essence of what has made great companies successful for years: focus, concentration on the critical few and not on the trivial many. Creating customers is different than making money. He highlights the path to growth for agency businesses: the founder has to get out of the way if the business is to thrive. This is a must-read if you want your agency to be more than a mom-and-pop shop. Kudos, Corey!”

creator of the Focus Selling Customer Development System,

“Sure, you know you should ‘niche down’ to get your agency to the next level, but how do you actually do it? In Anyone, Not Everyone, Corey provides a proven step- by-step process for beating the competition through deep specialization. This isn’t just theory; it’s the road map he used to grow recurring revenue at Scorpion from $20 million to $150 million in under seven years. Solid gold!”

advisor to professional services firms

“This book absolutely hits the nail on the head. Corey is helping agencies around the world with this book to avoid the traps of running a generalist agency. Anyone, Not Everyone is the perfect tool that lays out actionable steps you can take to elevate your marketing agency, your relationships, and your life. Let’s Go!”

Founder of Phaser Marketing and author of The Digital Dirt World