Going All-In on Small Law Firms

"We get a ton of referrals, a lot of repeat business because if we do it right, our clients never leave."  – Brendan Chard

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Brendan is the founder of The Modern Firm, an agency that specializes in serving small law firms. In this episode, we dive into the journey of The Modern Firm, how it has grown from a one-man show into a 17-person strong team that still mostly grows through referrals and inbound leads, and all the management and agency leadership advice Brendan has accumulated along the way.

We cover:

- How Brendan got into building websites for the legal vertical.

- Going from a one-man show to a team and learning to let go and delegate.

- How Brendan’s firm acquires repeat business and why lawyers are a special breed of buyers.

- Positioning your business tightly to drive inbound.

Actionable key takeaways for agency founders:

- High-performing teams have leaders who also think of the career development of their teams.

- Being great at storytelling can be a differentiation for a website agency.

- When you’re high on inbound leads, sales is more about connecting and assessing the fit.

- If you’re hiring for content and marketing, you need to look for deep vertical knowledge in the candidates.

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