Gift-based Outbound: Your 20% Lead List, Part 2

A few days ago, I introduced the topic of a 20% lead list for your Gift-based Outbound ("GBO") campaigns.

Today and tomorrow, I will share some techniques for creating your 20% lead list.

First, what is GBO?

It's the practice of sending interesting gifts to high-value prospects as a first-touch.

GBO helped us 8x revenue in 5 years at Scorpion.

To get started with GBO, you need to create a list of businesses in your target vertical.

You can:

  • Create the list yourself (scrape association directories or GMB, pull from event lists)
  • Get the list from a trusted partner (ask an adjacent or indirect competitor to share theirs)
  • Buy the list from a vertical specialty firm (for example, Technomic for restaurants)
  • Buy the list from a list broker service (ZoomInfo, Apollo, LinkedIn)

For your first GBO campaign, you'll only need 500 or so businesses.

Here's a tip: get the list in your hands. If you're using a list broker like or LinkedIn Navigator, download the leads. You'll need them in your hands to take the next step: segment the 20%.

More on segmenting the 20% in tomorrow's email!




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