Gift-based Outbound: Your 20% Lead List

Happy New Year!

Over the next few days, I'll share some key concepts for Gift-based Outbound or "GBO."

GBO is helped us grow Scorpion 8x in 5 years.

We'll kick it off today with the 20% lead list.

If you want to do GBO, you need a 20% lead list.

What is a 20% lead list?

It's applying an 80/20 or Pareto Principle to your target vertical market.

See, not all businesses within your vertical are worth sending a gift to.

In fact, you should only send gifts to the best-fit businesses on your 20% lead list. 

Who are they?

They're the highest-value clients for your agency.

They're the most qualified to work with your agency.

They're the ones who stand to benefit the most from working with you.

They're the ones who you, as the founder, know that if you got them on the phone, they would hire you.

In a few days, I'll share more about how to create your 20% lead list.

Question to ponder:

👉 Do we focus our outbound on everyone, or are we selective in who we target?


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