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Let me guess...

You're a founder or senior leader at an agency who:

  • Has become too heavily reliant on inbounds
  • Has hired and fired BDR teams, maybe more than once
  • Has failed at cold outreach (calls, emailing, LinkedIn, 3rd parties)
  • Has run out of ideas, yet still needs outbound to work

In this free email course, you'll learn a new approach you haven't tried.

Imagine sending $1 million worth of gourmet chocolate chip cookies to thousands of unsuspecting potential customers you’ve never contacted.

That sounds like a great way to waste $1 million dollars, right?

Wrong. I've done it, and I can tell you, it works!

As Chief Marketing Officer of Scorpion, running an effective “cookies” outbound play helped us double the business from $20M to $40M.

Then we grew the business to $150M.

Along the way, I learned a few things about the right way to do outbound that I’d love to share with you.

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Hi, I’m Corey Quinn, and I’ve spent 15+ years in marketing and sales leadership roles at widely respected digital agencies.

Some of my wins include:

  • CMO who helped grow a digital marketing agency from $20M to $150M in 6 years.
  • Founder CEO who raised $3M for my first start-up at 24 years old.
  • Launched my first B2B subscription business in 2011.
  • #1 enterprise B2B seller for 21 consecutive quarters.
  • MBA graduate with honors from the University of Southern California, Marshall School of Business.

If you're too heavily dependent on inbounds and would love to adopt an outbound strategy, this free 6-day email course is for you.

P.S. This approach doesn't only work with cookies. I’ve also given away Tesla, BMW, and Range Rover cars, iPads, Monte Blanc Pens, Red Roses, Donuts, Coffee, and more to sales prospects. I'm looking forward to sharing more about it with you in the course. See you there!

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Ready to get started? What is your name and best email address?