Zone of Indifference

Here's the 10-10-80 Rule.

(This Rule helped us 7x Scorpion's revenue from $20M-$150M)

10% of your target market is actively buying (inbounds)

10% are loyal to their current solution (not your target)

80% are in the Zone of Indifference (prospecting gold)

What is the Zone of Indifference?

Here are 3️⃣ examples to illustrate.

1️⃣ You have an iPhone X and know you'd take brilliant photos with the iPhone 13 but haven't made the time to get the new one.

➡️ You're in the Zone of Indifference.

2️⃣ When changing CRMs would 10x efficiency, but you haven't prioritized making a switch.

➡️ You're in the Zone of Indifference.

3️⃣ When your sales manager misses yet another quarter and you know you should upgrade, but you put it off again.

➡️ You're in the Zone of Indifference.

Right now, 80% of your target buyers will not become inbounds because they don't feel enough pain to change.



Good news!

That's what great outbound sales and marketing campaigns are for. 💡


Are you just sitting around waiting for your target buyers to come inbound?

Or are you proactively going outbound and helping your buyers prioritize a needed change (to your product)?


Have a great day!

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