Win/Loss Sales Interviews for your B2B

Last week, I started a series on the types of Customer Interviews. Today, I'm going to wrap up the series with Win/Loss Sales Interviews, which is one of my favorites.

When to do Win/Loss Sales Interviews? 

> When sales team performance isn't hitting the target metrics

> When you continually lose deals to one competitor and want to know why

How often to do them?

> Monthly

Who is the target audience?

> Customers who recently went most or all of the way through your sales process

> Include both customers and non-customers (who didn't buy)

What you're trying to understand?

> Sales effectiveness

Sample questions:

> "What was the biggest consideration you based your decision on?"

> "How well did we tailor our presentation to your needs?"

> "What's one thing you'd advise us to change for next time?"

My closing thoughts on Win/Loss Customer Interviews

Conducting regular Win/Loss Customer Interviews results in more sales. Why? You see first hand why your customers buy (or don't buy). Because of this, I recommend doing these interviews monthly. 

If you have questions about Win/Loss Customer Interviews, hit reply and let me know.


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