Who Are Your Best Fit Clients?

I teach my clients how to focus their business on their best-fit vertical market clients.

What do I mean by best-fit?

Your best-fit vertical market clients are uniquely suited for your business, and you are uniquely suited for them.

They’re a subset of the clients you already have.

They get outstanding results.

They generate great revenue.

They stay with you the longest.

They have short sales cycles.

They’ll happily sign long-term contracts.

They have the highest levels of satisfaction.

They evangelize your product to their friends and colleagues without being asked to.

They’re the ones who your sales team has the most confidence selling to.

They’re the ones who your client success team enjoys working with the most.

You like them too.

They get incredible value from your product or service in ways other clients don’t.

They don't complain.

They give kudos.

They feel like a partner, not a customer.

They're also the most profitable, and a large number of them are in the market to justify only focusing on them.

This is what I mean by best-fit.


Question to ponder:

👉 Where would our business be if we only worked with best-fit clients?


Have a great day!


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