What does great marketing do?

Great marketing gives your sales team more meetings with qualified prospects.

Let's say that your total addressable market (TAM) is 5,000 businesses.

5% of your TAM is actively shopping for a replacement for their current solution.

5,000 x 5% = 250

Wouldn't you like to pitch every one of the 250 opportunities?

If you're looking to scale...yes.

Here's the test:

What are the chances that these 250 will...

  • Think of your agency because you're top of mind?
  • Add you to a short list of providers to research?
  • Reach out to meet with you?

The bottom line: If your sales team needs maore at-bats, it's time to re-examine your marketing plan.


Great marketing ensures that your agency's brand is the preferred choice when your buyers go to market.


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