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Want to 2x Your Marketing Budget? Here's how.

If a typical client pays $1,000 per month and stays for 12 months on average, the client lifetime value ("CLV") is $12,000 ($1,000 x 12 months).

But what if, instead, your client stays with you for 24 or even 36 months?

You've just doubled or even tripled your revenue per client compared to the typical CLV.

Let me ask you, would you be willing to spend more money to get a $36,000 client than you would a $12,000 client?

I would.

Guess what happens when you spend twice or three times more than your competitors?

Your marketing gets better.

You can do more interesting gift marketing.

You can advertise your brand and your offer in more places.

Takeaway: the company within a category with the best client lifetime value can and should out-market its competition by a wide mile.


Question to ponder:

👉 How does our CLV compare with our competitors?


Have a great day!


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