Vertical vs Horizontal Marketing

Which is better for your B2B?

Here's a quick compare and contrast of the two:

Target buyer:
Vertical - based on the business type or industry they work in
Horizontal - based on their role within a company across verticals

Vertical - single-location dentists, personal injury attorneys, multi-location QSR restaurant owners
Horizontal - local service business owner, digital marketing agency owners, director of hr

Key differences:
Vertical - you solve their specific problems, go narrow and deep
Horizontal - you solve their generic problems, go shallow and wide

Vertical - specialization and specific messaging lead to lower CAC and churn, faster word of mouth
Horizontal - larger addressable market (vs. vertical)

Vertical - I can't think of any
Horizontal - one-size-fits-all and peanut butter messaging lead to higher CAC and churn, slower word of mouth

So which approach is better for your B2B?

I'll let you decide. :)

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