User Interviews for your B2B SaaS

Continuing with the series on the types of Customer Interviews, today we're going to focus on User Interviews.

When to do them? 

  • When customers don't use all/some of your product as you expected
  • When you want to build more features

How often to do them?

  • Every six months
  • Ongoing

Who is the target audience?

  • Users of your product/service

What you're trying to understand?

  • How people use your product

Sample questions:

  • "How do you currently use our product?"
  • "If you could improve our product, what would you change?"

My closing thoughts on User Interviews:

User Interviews are great if you want to understand how your customers use your product, what they value, and what they feel could be improved. You'll get deeper insights into the gaps in your product offering that when fixed can lead to better customer retention and satisfaction.

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