The Vertical Go-To-Market podcast is live!

The Vertical Go-To-Market podcast is live!

The Vertical Go-To-Market podcast is live!

It's a show for agency and SaaS owners who want to unlock sales and grow customer retention by doing less, not more.

On the show, I interview 7, 8, and 9-figure agency and SaaS owners and executives who have been wildly successful by taking a vertical or multi-vertical approach to growing their business.  

You’ll hear stories about how they started, what they did to grow their business, and ultimately what made them successful.

If you’re thinking about focusing your business on one or more verticals, this show is for you.

We kick it off with my good friend Jamie Adams, Scorpion’s Chief Growth Officer (sales).  

In our candid and revealing conversation, you’ll get a rare peek into Scorpion’s multi-vertical go-to-market strategy that led to growing from $20M to $200M in 7 years.  Jamie shares his changes to the sales culture, how he successfully launched 2 new verticals, how breaking into the Franchise vertical changed Scorpion, and much more.

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