The science of scaling a niche agency

“We've maintained a vertical focus throughout the 20-year history of the agency, it has been part of the secret of our success.” - Erik Clausen, Managing Partner at CG Life

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Erik joins the show to reveal the secrets behind his agency's incredible journey, emphasizing the power of a vertical focus. 

We explore growth through relationships and how CG Life prioritizes building genuine relationships with clients to earn trust and cultivate long-term partnerships instead of focusing solely on sales.

We dissect how CG Life attracts new clients, and specifically, how content marketing, thought leadership, and industry involvement play into the mix. 

We explore:

  • Erik’s leap from PR in politics to life sciences.
  • How vertical influencers play a role in business development.
  • How to turn relationships into revenue.
  • Why Eric’s company does not cold call potential clients.

Actionable key takeaways for agency founders:

  • If you have deep vertical experience, that also helps unlock adjacent markets.
  • The best agencies balance technical and human in their work.
  • Be ready to walk away from lucrative contracts if they veer off your core vertical.
  • Your reputation is your business card; do what you can to nurture it.

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