The Elephant in your Total Addressable Market

80% of your total addressable market is not coming inbound.

The world's best paid media, SEO, or content strategy will not change this.

Yet, 100% of them are not loyal to their current agency.

Instead, they're ripe for defection.

If that's true, why do traditional outbound techniques fail so frequently?

Here are two reasons based on my research:

  1. Poor targeting (aka 'Spam your TAM')
  2. Easy to ignore (lacking empathy and uniqueness)

What to do instead:

Use the "USI Method"

  1. Specialize in a vertical market (empathy)
  2. Build a 20% list (targeting)
  3. Send a gift (be unique, striking, and leave an impression)
  4. Be persistent, yet patient (young grasshopper)



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