Struggling with handling client complaints?

Struggling with handling client complaints about poor-quality leads?

This recently came up on a client coaching call (it's common in our industry).

Here's a quick summary of how you could handle this:

  • Take a proactive role in solving lead quality issues (regardless of fault)
  • Determine if the leads are truly low quality or if there are other factors, such as fumbling intake
  • If the leads are low quality, acknowledge that directly to the client and apologize
  • Present a plan with specific steps to improve lead quality from now on
  • Tell them a date by which these steps will be complete
  • Set up a follow-up call to discuss the results

By following these steps, you'll turn an initially upset client into one who feels heard and reassured by the end of the call.


PS, while I love talking about sales and marketing, if your retention is shit, you've got a "hole in the boat" problem that takes priority.

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