Stop wasting your money

When it comes to marketing, it’s excruciatingly easy to waste money.

The biggest contributing factor to this waste is a lack of relevancy. In today’s world, marketing that is irrelevant to your buyer is ignored.


Each of us is exposed to 10,000 marketing messages per day. Our brains come pre-wired to screen out 100% of the messages that don’t speak to us, our hopes, fears, and goals.

Let’s say you’re a plastic surgeon. You've recently launched a private practice, and you are looking for new patients.

You saw these two advertisements below from two different digital marketing agencies. Which advertisement headline would you be more likely to notice?


Headline #1:

Just Launched Your Plastic Surgery Practice?

We Help Fill Your New Practice With Great Patients.


Headline #2:

Just Launched A New Business?

We Help Fill Your Business With Great Customers.


Headline #1 stands out because you’re a plastic surgeon with a new private practice. It's relevant to YOU.

And you would ignore Headline #2, possibly without even consciously seeing it.

Questions to ponder:

👉 Are we being ignored because our marketing is too generic

👉 How can we make our marketing more relevant to our target vertical buyer?

Have a great weekend!


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