Stop opinion-based decision-making

In yesterday's post, I introduced the concept of four types of Customer Interviews. 

  • Buyer Journey
  • Churn/Win Back
  • User Interviews
  • Brand / Perception

Over the next few days, I'll give you more detail on why each one is uniquely important.

Before I do, you may wonder: 

"Corey, why should we spend time and resources on Customer Interviews in the first place?" 

I highly recommend my clients interview their customers because it eliminates opinion-based decision-making

Quality decision-making requires good data, and your customers have the data. 

Sure, you could guess why your prospects aren't buying, or you could guess why your customers are leaving. 

But if you want to know and understand how and why they make decisions, you need to talk to them. 


Questions to ponder:

👉 Where in our business do we need a better understanding of our customers?

👉 Do we truly understand how and why our customers choose us?

👉 Do we truly understand how and why our customers leave us?

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