Specific > Generic

I met with the founder of a 9-year-old B2B SaaS business who has:

> a vastly superior and differentiated product
> extremely loyal customers
> a deep desire to scale growth

She's doing $5M in a $165B market, and revenue growth has flatlined.


There are likely several factors.

But one that stood out to me is that they've been doing "horizontal marketing."

Meaning they target their buyer based on their title across verticals.

For example, they market broadly to "sales managers."

As a result, they now have 104 customers across 19 different verticals.

This is a marketing problem.

19 different verticals mean 19 different buyers with 19 variations of a problem they want solved.

They've taken a broad-market, peanut butter messaging, spray and pray approach to their marketing.

And use generic messaging like "we solve X problem for everyone!".

Here's a different approach:

Isolate her best-fit vertical segment within her current customers and spend 80% of their focus on getting more of them.

This will positively impact her marketing by:

Being more targeted 👉 Using specific messaging 👉 Resonating better 👉 Improve CAC and volume


Specific > Generic

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