Sourcing lead lists for niche B2B industries

Need a lead list for a niche B2B industry?

The default answer is to use ZoomInfo and their competitors.

But that's not completely true.

You need other sources.


There are challenges with only using the ZoomInfos of the world, such as:

  • Your target niche and their taxonomy don't always line up
  • Their taxonomy categories can be large, causing you to buy leads you can't use
  • Sourcing niche leads requires custom techniques that don't scale, so they don't do it

Here are 5 other sources:

  • Niche associations
  • Niche directories (you can scrape these)
  • Niche conference lists (previous year's lists are easy to get)
  • Niche online groups
  • Niche competitor websites


I hope this helps. ✌️


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