Short term vs. long term

You can be effective at serving the wrong customer segment.

But you're robbing from your future.


Because when you invest your company resources into the wrong customer segment, you're simultaneously pulling resources away from your best customers...and your long-term success.

Why not go all-in on your best customer segments?

We all have fears and old habits that can hold us back.

→ Fears of the unknown.
→ Fears of killing momentum.
→ Fears of risking it all and losing.

→ Old habits of thinking more = more.
→ Old habits of saying yes to bad-fit / short-term revenue.
→ Old habits of making excuses that this will be the last one.

Facing limiting fears and breaking old habits is incredibly hard!

But the real way to scale up in today's noisy world is to stop saying YES to bad-fit customers and instead FOCUS on your best customers right now.


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