Quick agency founder story

A quick story about a Deep Specialist agency founder.


Nicole Mahoney is the Founder and CEO of Break the Ice Media.


  • She started her agency in 2009 as a generalist
  • After 3 years, she was overwhelmed, so she narrowed her focus on Travel and Tourism ("T&T")
  • Found the T&T industry was not being talked about enough in the media
  • Dedicated herself to fixing that and started an interview-style podcast for T&T
  • During the pandemic, when travel screeched to a halt, she:
    • Leaned in
    • Provided her T&T clients and colleagues with content, research, and platforms to connect
    • Did not lose any employees or suffered any dips during that time
  • Became known throughout the industry
  • Acquired a T&T company
  • Wrote a book for the T&T industry
  • Sponsored original research for the T&T
  • Broke all-time revenue and profit records in 2023 and will grow 75% in 2024!


Nicole is an example of an agency owner who is what I call a Deep Specialist. More on this next week!


Have a great weekend!




PS I will post her interview on the podcast in a few weeks. You won't want to miss this one!

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