Prioritizing Short-Term Sales Over Long-Term Customer Quality

Are you prioritizing sales over customer quality?

Here's the downward spiral:

  1. A high-quality customer "HQC" leaves.
  2. You quickly say yes to a low-quality customer "LQC" (to replace the revenue)
  3. LQC steals resources away from HQC
  4. Another HQC leaves, repeating the cycle

Here's the 80-20 on how to get off this downward spiral.

First, build your "20% List." This is the best HQCs in your vertical market (i.e., the top 20%)

Then, put 80% of your sales and marketing efforts into courting them as clients.

Consistent effort on your 20% List leads to more HQC sales opportunities, putting less pressure on LQC to fill the gaps.

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