Mastering the Art of Selling to Franchises

Want a masterclass on selling to franchises? 

This week on The Vertical Go-To-Market podcast, my guest is Hot Dish Advertising’s CEO and Co-Founder, Dawn Kane.

On the episode, you’ll discover how she grew Hot Dish into the #1 marketing and advertising agency for franchise brands. Hear how building authentic relationships within the franchise community resulted in 80% of new business coming from word of mouth. You’ll also hear about franchising’s insider language, the critical role of associations and conferences, and other essential gems for creating long-term success.

Here’s my biggest takeaway from our conversation: to successfully sell into franchises, you need staying power. So many companies come and go. You must show that you’re committed by consistently showing up and adding value within the franchise community.

Here are the links for the episode:

Enjoy the show!


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