How to Use LinkedIn Organically to Attract Vertical Clients

Does your vertical buyer spend time on LinkedIn?

Here are three tactics to help you attract them as clients:

  1. Optimize your LinkedIn profile and content:
    • Your profile should highlight your vertical expertise.
    • Regularly share digital marketing trends, strategies, and tactics specific to your focus vertical.

  2. Connect with them:
    • Build your network of people in your focus vertical, then like and comment on their posts.
    • Join LinkedIn groups focused on vertical topics and actively take part in discussions. As Jonathan Stark says, contribute 'Answer Bombs.'

  3. 3. Showcase your vertical client testimonials and success stories:
    • Don't be shy. Share success stories and case studies.
    • Tag happy clients in your posts for further reach and engagement.

Over time, by providing valuable content, connecting with the right audience, and showcasing your expertise, you'll attract more vertical clients to your digital marketing firm.




PS Is this rocket science? No, so don't get distracted by shiny objects, and just be consistent with the fundamentals.

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