How to transform your objection handling

Getting crushed by buyer's objections?

Take your objection handing from rookie to expert by doing this one thing.

Here's the secret:

80% of your buyer's objections are repeated over and over in every sale.

And because they're the same, you can diffuse them ahead of the sales call.

Here's how:

1/ Document your most common buyer's objections

2/ Source testimonials, client stories, and proof points that completely obliterate the objections

3/ Use them boldly throughout the marketing and sales process

For example:

If buyers object to your contract term, ask yourself what client testimonial, story, or data could diffuse this.

You could tell stories about loyal, long-term clients, reference client performance data, or even mention average client retention.

Add them to your marketing materials, build them into your sales pitch, and train your sellers in how & when to use them.

By doing so, you'll handle predictable objections before they ever come up.


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