How to overcome skepticism

Want to overcome skepticism?

Use Proof Points.

Proof Points are the hard-working data points that support and substantiate your marketing claims.  

Which claim below is more credible?

Statement A

“We’re the #1 home services marketing agency.”

Statement B

“We’re the #1 home services marketing agency. 81 of our plumbing clients doubled their revenue in the last 12 months.”

Statement B is vastly more credible.  It provides evidence that 81 of their plumbing clients doubled their revenue in the last 12 months. This is a Proof Point. It backs up the claim that it’s the #1 home services marketing agency. 

Using proof points instills confidence, establishes credibility, and helps overcome skepticism.

Questions to ponder:

👉 Is our marketing believable by the skeptical marketplace? (there's no argument: buyers are heavily skeptical of agencies)

👉 Do we use credible proof points in our marketing?

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