How to defy the odds in a vertical downturn

How do you keep serving your vertical when it goes into freefall?

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Today’s guest not only overcame the pandemic, but emerged driving 70% year-over-year growth. Nicole Mahoney, the Founder of Break The Ice Media, tackled COVID-related economic challenges by doubling down on her focus vertical: the travel and tourism industry. 

I sit down with Nicole to discuss her journey of transforming a generalist shop into a vertical specialist and how her podcast, Destination on the Left, played a pivotal role in getting her unique point of view on the industry out to the market.

 Tune in for an inspiring conversation with insights and ideas you can apply to grow your verticalized business and provide true value to your niche.

We cover in this episode:

  • What Nicole’s learned on niching down in her 15 years in business.
  • Why Nicole chose travel and tourism as her niche.
  • How to attract and recognize right-fit clients.
  • Agency resources she turned to, and what to do if you’re struggling with scaling.

Here are some actionable key takeaways for agency founders: 

  • Don’t dilute your offering by serving too many industries.
  • Follow your natural passion when verticalizing.
  • Identify your ideal client budget that grows your agency without swallowing it.
  • Serve your vertical with a deeper purpose than just business. 

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