How committed are you to vertical specialization?

How committed are you to your vertical specialization?

Here's a quick test.

Go and read what your LinkedIn tagline says.

Does it clearly convey your specialization, or is it non-specific?

Here are some specialist agency's taglines:

  • Award-winning digital marketing agency specializing in Cannabis and CBD.
  • Law firm growth company that helps attorneys get noticed, enhance their brand, and grow their business.
  • Serving restaurants and helping take the HOPE & PRAY out of your marketing

Here are some non-specific agency's taglines:

  • Unleashing your company's sales potential through targeted digital marketing.
  • We don't do what you tell us to do. We do more. Web Design & Development, Marketing Strategy, Branding & Graphic Design.
  • A full-service digital marketing agency that delivers massive and sustainable growth.

See the difference?

Remember, you're not truly specialized if you're keeping it a secret ;)


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