How an attorney launched a 7-figure marketing firm

"It's like dating — every conference, every touchpoint, you're building a level of trust that culminates in a powerful, long-term relationship." 

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If you ask Seth Price, the Founder of BluShark Digital, being a successful verticalized agency is all about relationships by showing up in your industry consistently. That’s the strategy he leaned on when he took an internal marketing team and turned it into a powerhouse that today represents hundreds of law firms. 

We discuss:

  • Why successful agencies operate on systems
  • Different verticals may share similar problems but care about different things
  • How to show up in your industry consistently
  • How to position yourself as a vertical thought leader and ideal channels to make it happen
  • Sales: what works, what doesn’t, and experiences in outbound

Actionable key takeaways for agency founders:

  • Don’t dabble; Deep vertical knowledge is non-negotiable
  • Repetition builds awareness, also in conference attendance and speaking
  • Podcasts aren’t just for content, use them to build your network
  • People love talking about themselves; use it to grow affinity
  • Manage expectations as services like SEO can take 9+ months to show clients ROI

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