Have you joined the association?

Have you joined the association?

You know, the one that all your vertical market clients are members of.

Every vertical has at least one.

For example:

  • International Franchise Association (IFA) for Franchise
  • American Dental Association (ADA) for Dentists
  • National Restaurant Association (NRA) for Restaurants

The benefits of joining include:

Fish in a Barrel

Vertical associations bring together your target vertical buyers. 

Industry Insights

Vertical associations often conduct research, studies, and surveys specific to their industry. Being part of the association gives you access to these insights. 


Associating with a recognized vertical association can boost your credibility in the industry. It signifies that you're serious about understanding and catering to the unique requirements and challenges of the vertical.

Questions to ponder:

👉 Are we members of our vertical association?

👉 If so, are we an active member?

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