Grow fast without a clear strategy?

I talk with a lot of agency owners who want to grow fast but don't have a clear strategy.

The conversation goes something like this:

Them: I want to by 20% year over year.

Me: Great! How much did you grow last year?

Them: We didn't grow at all

Me: Bummer! How do you get new business?

Them: Inbounds and referrals

Me: Why didn't revenue grow?

Them: Customer churn offset new revenue

Me: Do you specialize in a customer vertical?

Them: No, we have customers of all shapes and sizes

Me: Ok, so what's the plan to get to 20% in annual growth

Them: Hire a LinkedIn lead gen company to get us more leads

Me: 🤦‍♂️


If this is you, it may be time to think about specializing in a customer vertical.


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